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"We Take Pride in our Unparalleled service"


Northeast Scale Co., Inc. is a Full Service Scale Company.  We provide everything necessary to meet our customers’ weighing requirements including equipment consultation, product sales, scale installations, routine preventive maintenance & calibration programs, equipment repairs, adjustment and certifications, and Certificates of Calibration conformant to ISO and ANSI / NCSL requirements.

Our weighing expertise covers the entire plethora of weighing products from truck and railroad track scales, industrial & floor scales, on-board fork truck scales, parts counting scales, “Legal for Trade” scales, price computing scales, hopper & belt scales, physician scales, batching scales systems, and high precision analytical and top loading laboratory scales & balances.

If our customers’ needs demand new weighing instrumentation, we offer products from a variety of well known and respected scale manufacturers such as:  A&D Weighing Equipment, Cambridge Scale Works, Cardinal Scale, CAS Scale, Detecto Scale, Emery Winslow Scale, Filing / LTS Scale, Fuller Weighing Products, Ishida Scale, Ohaus Corp., Rice Lake Weighing Systems, Sartorius Corp., SI / Allegany and several others.

In addition, we also provide sales, installation, training and support of special Scale Management Software for Truck Scales to manage and control recorded scale data, identify and track product inventory, and perform billing and accounting functions.

Our scale service representatives have been fully trained and licensed and the Calibration Standards we use to perform our services are Certified Traceable to NIST (The National; Institute of Standards and Technology).


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