Digital Weight Indicators

Weight indicators for any type of weighing application

Gross, tare, net conversion; accumulator, gross, and net; selectable key lockout; auto shutoff and sleep modes; powers up to 8 - 350 Ohm load cells, and features two serial ports.
200 IDs, 6 custom print formats, multiple print reporting, powers up to 14 load cells, NEMA 4X/IP66 stainless steel, full alpha keypad.
Cardinal's model 180 digital weight indicator is an economical choice for use with floor scales or other weighing applications using up to four load cells. It features a 0.56" high bright red LED display and printer output
Simple 2 screw - side slide mounting assembly, pluggable/screw-terminal block for easy connectivity, 3/16 DIN aluminum panel mount enclosure, powers up to 8 - 350 Ohm load cells, and features two serial ports.



Alphanumeric keypad, four line backlit LCD, custom ticket and label printing, powers up to 14 load cells per scale card, modular design, easy-open enclosure allowing the back panel to be removed with a Phillips-head screwdriver, 8 slots for scale input.
With a big and rugged enclosure, the 210 indicator is visible day or night. Durable weatherproof fiberglass prohibits errosion in abusive environments. Powers up to 8 - 350 Ohm load cells.


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