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Are You Getting
“Weight$ Worth”?

After over thirty (30) years of being in the Weights & Measures Profession, it is still hard for us to understand how many businesses using truck scales, as their primary source of income, have no idea as to the proper performance and accuracy of their scales.

As a result, we at Northeast Scale Co., Inc. decided to design this informative bulletin to enlighten everyone about how a rather small weight error on your scale, which you may tend to consider to be insignificant, can really adversely affect your annual net profits.


Weight Plus “Linear Error”

“Linear Error” is the phenomenon where small weight errors are present at the lower weight ranges of your scale which get Progressively Worse as more weight is applied to your scale.

In other words, a small 40-lb. weight error at 10,000 lbs. will typically produce a 400-lb. weight error at 100,000 lbs.

This “Linear Error” can be in either a positive or negative direction.

Either way, since most trucks weigh-in between 80,000 lbs. and 120,000 lbs. you can see where this could be devastating to your profits.

What's more, if your scale has any type of additional problems such as binding, rubbing, debris build-up, etc., this " Linear Error” can be compounded many times over … costing you … even more money!


The following shows an example of a Linear Error progression and the costly effect it can have on your bottom line.

You’re weighing 50 individual 80,000 lb. trucks per day. By the illustration below, you can see that you have a 320 lb. error for each truck and you have a daily weight error totaling 16,000 lbs., That’s 8 tons!!

If you operate 250 business days a year, That’s 2000 tons of lost material weight annually.

At an average price of $ 10.00 per ton….you’ve accumulated a $ 20,000 per year loss in revenue

10,000 lb. 9,960 lb. - 40 lb.
20,000 lb. 19,920 lb. - 80 lb.
30,000 lb. 29,880 lb. - 120 lb.
40,000 lb. 39,840 lb. -160 lb.
50,000 lb. 49,800 lb. - 200 lb.
60,000 lb. 59,760 lb. - 240 lb.
70,000 lb. 69,720 lb. - 280 lb.
80,000 lb. 79,680 lb. - 320 lb.
90,000 lb. 89,640 lb. - 360 lb.
100,000 lb. 99,600 lb - 400 lb.


Northeast Scale Co., Inc. wants to help all scale owners get their "Weight$ Worth" by performing routine maintenance, calibration & certification to your scales with our state of the art Truck Scale Testing Unit.


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