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Outside Remote Displays


Cardinal's giant SB-500 remote display has a 5" (127 mm) high weight display, with each digit consisting of up to 24 segments for greater readability. The high intensity LED is viewable in direct sunlight with a viewing angle of +/- 70 degrees. The weatherproof enclosure meets IP65 requirements and incorporates mounting tabs allowing it to be mounted on a vertical surface.
SB-250 Remote Display
2.6" (66 mm) high LED, outdoor enclosure with message board capabilities, auto learn feature, serial data input as either an active or passive 20mA current loop, RS-232 or RS422/485, fiber optic, or ethernet. .
SB-300 Remote Display
3" high numerals, transflective LCD display, automatic back lighting, highly visible in all lighting, tough fiberglass enclosure.
SB-80 Remote Display
6-digit .8" high LED display, viewing range of 20 feet, AC adapter, and combination desk and wall-mount stainless steel enclosure.
New SB-500 With Traffic control

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