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Counting Scales
FC Series Counting Scales
  • 1/1 million internal resolution for FC-i models
  • Standard RS-232C (2nd & 3rd optional)
  • 500 sets memory with alphanumeric product names/codes
  • 4-line display for easy operator viewing
  • Rechargeable battery option
  • Remote Scale Option
  • 2 Year Warranty

Inventory Scales

HD Series Parts Counting Scales

  • Designed for cost-conscious users
  • High quality, full feature scales
  • Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement (ACAI)
  • Comparator function for packaging operations
  • AC power, dry cell or optional rechargeable battery
  • Detachable display head
  • Large weighing pan for oversize containers
  • Automatic power off
  • Large wide angle LCD display
  • Intuitive operation for ease of use

Inventory Counting Scales

HC-i Series Piece Counting Scale

  • Navigation system with LED for easy and simple operation
  • High internal resolution 1/600,000 (HC-3Ki / 6Ki / 30Ki) and 1/750,000 (HC-15Ki)
  • Weighing display resolution 6000 (HC-3Ki / 6Ki / 30Ki) and 7500 (HC-15Ki)
  • Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement

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